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Features Compared

BlueMicro is currently missing some features found in other popular firmware. This table compares the features supported by BlueMicro, QMK and ZMK:

FeatureBlueMicroQMK nRF52 ForkZMK
Connectivity and Power Saving Options
Low Latency BLE Support
Multi-Device BLE Support (Several Computers) 1
Battery Reporting (BLE Battery Service)
Low Power Sleep States🚧
Low Active Power Usage
Firmware Options
Keymaps and Layers
Basic Keycodes
Basic consumer (Media) Keycodes
Mouse Keys
Hold-Tap (which includes Mod-Tap and Layer-Tap)
One Shot Keys🚧
Combo Keys🚧
Keyboard and Controller Board Hardware Options
Ghosted Keys Support🚧
Split Keyboard Support
Key Backlight LED PWM Control
RGB Underglow 1
Encoders 3
OLED Display Support 1🚧🚧
Audio/Speaker Support
Low Power Mode (VCC Shutoff)🚧
Microcontroller Support
Support for Nordic nRF52 Microcontrollers
Support for Wide Range of ARM Microcontrollers
Support for AVR/8 Bit Microcontrollers
Tooling and Build Configuration
Serial Debug CLI
Web Bluetooth Configuration💡
Hardware Troubleshooting tools
User Configuration Repositories
Realtime Keymap Updating💡

This Features Compared page is licenced under CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0 and was adapted from ZMK Firmware Documentation originally created by the ZMK Project Contributors.


  1. Requires Community nRF52 Support Package instead of Adafruit nRF52 Board Support Package
  2. 1 using on-chip hardware quadrature decoder, up to 8 using software interrupts. Can be on both half for split keyboards.
  3. Requires nRF52840 SoC.