A Bluetooth First Firmware


BlueMicro_BLE is a keyboard firmware that builds on top the Adafruit nRF52 board support package (BSP) for their line of Adafruit nRF52 Feather Boards.

By starting with the simple hid_keyboard.ino example provided with the library, we expanded it to a full blown Keyboard firmware with the following features:

  • Customizable matrix scanning with selectable number of rows/columns and diode direction
  • Re-map a rectangular NxM matrix to another shape with the same number of keys (a 60% maped to a 8x8 matrix)
  • Layers
  • Tap/Double-tap keys
  • Tap/Hold keys
  • Battery Level BLE service
  • Sleep after 10 minutes of inactivity (when connected - by default)
  • PWM LED Backlight. Control the brighness of LEDs. To save power, they automatically dim after each keypress
  • Many other features...

Design Goals

  • Bluetooth First!
  • nRF52 features first! Use peripherals included in the SoC instead of bit-banging and wasting CPU Cycles and burn battery for no reason.
  • Must run on batteries
  • Low Power Consumption is key to long battery life
  • Keep latency in check
  • Don't copy/paste features from QMK or other firmware (licenses are different)